How to participate

So far our modeling group has 11 different models including global and regional models (models). But we are still willing to allow you to join us by submitting your model results to more properly estimate a range of model results over Asia. If you are interested in this activity, please send e-mail to Drs. Gregory Carmichael (gcarmich[at] and Teruyuki Nakajima (teruyuki.nakajima[at] with your model documentation.

How to submit your model results (general)

We are collecting the model results in an archive machine, PMDS, at University of Tokyo. To submit your results, you first get an account for login the system through the documentation . After you get your own account, you can put your results by ‘scp’ command (not ‘ftp’ command) using Xterm or Terminal applications (not browser). Details in use of PMDS and related machines are described here.

Model Parameters for Use in Multi-Model Analysis

During this IAP, modelers should prepare your model results with 3-hourly (or 6-hourly) time interval in the Asian region (e.g., 0-50N, 50-150E) in the years of 2006 and/or 2008. The dataset must be converted into the netCDF for model comparison. In the vertical comparison, we like to define z-level (observation data is generally obtained by z-level), so if you are defining other level such as sigma or pressure, please convert your results to them in the z-level or put additional data for the conversion (z or surface pressure). Please put your dataset on the PMDS machine for year 2006 (/archive/AORI0004/ABC/2006) and year 2008 (/archive/AORI0005/ABC/2008/). But in the near future, we will collect model results for 2000-2010 years.