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Objective of this activity

The Science Council of Japan (SCJ) has started to review the modeling capability of the transportation of radioactive materials released to the environment as a result of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. The purpose of this initiative is to compare existing model results in order to assess the uncertainties in the results, as this will be an important consideration when evaluating the various applications to the mitigation measures. National and international professionals compile and analyze simulation results and analyze under the initiative. This web page summarize the activity of the model comparison.

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Tokushi Shibata,
Chair, Subcommittee to Review the Investigation on Environmental Contamination Caused by the Nuclear  Accident, Committee on Comprehensive Synthetic Engineering, SCJ

Teruyuki Nakajima,
Chair, Working group for model intercomparison*


* Working group for model intercomparison/Subcommittee to Review the Investigation on Environmental Contamination Caused by the Nuclear Accident
Teruyuki Nakajima, Chair (University of Tokyo)
Tokushi Shibata (Chiyoda Technol Corp.), Yu Morino (NIES),
Haruyasu Nagai and Takuya Kobayashi (JAEA), Osamu Kurihara (NIRS),
Yasuhito Igarashi, Tsuyoshi Thomas Sekiyama, Taichu Y. Tanaka,
Takashi Maki (MRI/JMA), Masayuki Takigawa and Yukio Masumoto (JAMSTEC),
Hiroshi Hayami and Daisuke Tsumune (CRIEPI),
Toshihiko Takemura (Kyushu University)

* Individuals who showed intent of interest in the initiative activity
Mark Z. Jacobson <jacobson@stanford.edu>
Andreas Stohl <ast@nilu.no>
Yoko Tsushima <yoko.tsushima@metoffice.gov.uk>
BAILLY-DU-BOIS Pascal <Pascal.BAILLY-DU-BOIS@irsn.fr>: Pierre.Garreau@ifremer.fr (Hydrodynamic model)
Matthew Hort <matthew.hort@metoffice.gov.uk>: UNSWEAR
Greg Carmichael <gcarmich@engineering.uiowa.edu>
DIDIER Damien <damien.didier@irsn.fr>
KTJung <ktjung@kiost.ac>
Marc Bocquet <bocquet@cerea.enpc.fr>
Heiner Dietze <hdietze@geomar.de>
Valery Kosykh <vsk@feerc.ru>
Roland DRAXLER <roland.draxler@noaa.gov>
Peter Chen <pchen@wmo.int>: WMO; UNSWEAR
Antonio J. Busalacchi <tonyb@essic.umd.edu>: WCRP JSC chair; chair of the US Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate for our Academy of Sciences.