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【Center for Earth Surface System Dynamics】   【AORI Research projects】   【Virtual Laboratory】
 ●About our center    ・Ocean DNA: Constructing “Bio-map” of Marine Organisms using DNA Sequence Analyses   ●Nagoya Univ
 ・Paleo-environmental Research Section      CReSS / Doppler Radar
    Ayako Abe-Ouchi Lab    ・Integrative research on transition zones between coastal and offshore waters for resource reserve and sustainable use  ●Chiba Univ
    Hodaka Kawahata Lab     SKYNET / CEReS
    Yusuke Yokoyama Lab     ●Kyusyu Univ
 ・Ecosystem Research Section    ・Research Hub for the Big Data Analysis of Global Water Cycle and Precipitation in Changing Climate    SPRINTARS
    Hiroyasu Hasumi Lab     ●Tohoku Univ
    Sachihiko Itoh Lab      YamaseDB / CAOS / Cirrus /
 ・Genetic Research Section        Trace Gas ground-observations /
    Kazuhiro Kogure Lab   【Related to Teruyuki Nakajima Lab 】    Trace Gas ice-core-analysis /
    Wataru Iwasaki Lab    ・Teruyuki Nakajima Lab    Trace Gas vessel-observationst /
 ・Atmosphere and Ocean Research Section    ・EORC (JAXA)    Trace Gas aircraft-observations
    Masaki Satoh Lab      GSMaP / JAXA Himawari Monitor   ●NIES Lidar net
    Kentaroh Suzuki Lab    ・Fukushima Daiichi Report and Models   
       SCJ Report / JpGU Fukushima  【Related departments】
【Earth Surface system Dynamics Database】    ・Strategic research S-12    ・Tokyo Univ
 ・NICAM      Health impact / Emission inventory    ・AORI
 ・MitoFish        ・3D-CT
 ・CTD data        ・Division of Climate System Research
 ・Publication Data        
 ・Open CLASTR