The Center for Earth Surface System Dynamics (CESD) was
established in 2010 following the merger of Ocean Research Institute and Center for Climate System Research into the
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute.


Paleo-environmental Research Section

Understanding past environments is key to projecting future changes. Thus, we investigate climate and earth surface systems over the past 200,000 years, during which time global climates have fluctuated dramatically with glacial-interglacial cycles and accompanying changes in atmospheric greenhouse gas levels. Combined observational and modeling studies are a unique feature of CESD.

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Ecosystem Research Section

Productivity and diversity of marine ecosystem show dynamic fluctuation in response to variations in physical environment. Our research section aims to understand the structure of marine ecosystem and elucidate the variability in living marine resources through integration of observation and modeling.

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Genetic Research Section

From short time scale of days to long time scale of billions of years, life has continuously adapted to and evolved depending on the environment. Our section studies interactions between organisms and the earth environment, as well as their dynamics in the ocean, by applying emerging technologies such as bioinformatics, genome evolutionary analyses, and ecosystem omics.

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Atmosphere and Ocean Research Section

The goal of this section is to understand the physical/chemical structure of the atmosphere-ocean system and its change mechanisms through synergetic observational research and model simulations.

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Earth Surface system Dynamics Database

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